Thursday, 15 February 2018

Growth - from roots to shoots

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn of someone looking for people to video themselves talking about where they came from and what jobs they started in to where they are now.  The individual wanted to inspire young people they work with to increase their awareness of the kinds of careers that are out there, the backgrounds/circumstances they started in and that there is no limit to what they can achieve.  It immediately caught my attention as this is a significant part of who I am, so I was immediately engaged with this.

I feel my journey is worth sharing given my slow start to my learning and career, so I thought I would have a go at this.  Many people get served education on a plate whilst I had to fight and push myself hard to be where I am now.  As a result, I appreciate it more because I have worked extremely hard for it took myself out of my comfort zone.  Many of my peers left school with top grades and a long string of qualifications whereas I didn't (see below).  We all started at the same time, however I was in the bottom classes but they had a head start over me whilst I spent years playing catch up.  The following video is my short 'off the cuff' video that I recorded and passed on to the person to share with their learners.  I hope it inspires them to become a future 'me'.  But remember, it takes time being you - it took me a while!

A quick rundown - more in 10 years in learning technology:

During 2012 I researched and investigated heavily on a possible career move towards marine biology, focused on ceteceans, given my huge passion and interest in them.  It's a dream thing to do, but I felt it wasn't my purpose.  Plus, I invested so much into my career in the education sector, I didn't want to throw it all away.  My dream was to become something, whatever it might have been. Just not to be at Morrison's forever.

My entire blog captures the journey I took through my learning, the challenges I have experienced and the things I have done to get where I am today.  I talk a lot about motivating and positioning yourself to achieve what you set out to, especially with careers.  Many of which are in the career development and personal development categories, so do look around. Below are similar videos that I have recorded a while ago and a blog post that may be of interest:

EDIT:  In August 2020, Theresa Beattie said the following and re-shared the video below that includes me (I'm on at 15 mins 30 secs), regarding the national GCSE/A-Level results.

"Teachers are like this.  Imagine being failed for an exam you never sat by an algorithm vs being taught by people like this."

In February 2021, Laura Moore contacted me via Twitter after coming across my work on the Digital Learning Design qualifications and subsequently bought my book.  We arranged a chat to exchange practice and ideas etc.  She went on to say: I had a wonderful chat about all things digital learning this lunchtime with @_Daniel_Scott 👍 Such an inspiring individual! 🏆 #DigitalLearning #DigitalLearningDesign #LearningTechnology

However, she opened up our chat to say she had watched some of my earlier videos (above) and commended my achievements - unexpected but needed to hear it at that moment, after an unwelcome impostor visit the day before.  To which Laura later said I hope my cringe-worthy flattery helped a little earlier today! 😆