Friday, 7 August 2015

2014/2015 in summary

This last year has been one of my biggest yet.  I feel it's been a very challenging one intellectually, yet draining!  Here's what I have been up to since last year.  But work aside, I have had more great memories to look back on.  I've had more fun and frolics with trips and visits with friends and family and a fair few concerts again.  So here are some (but not all) highlights of my last year.


I can't believe it's been nearly a year since we got our first Level 3 apprentices back in August 2014.  Some are due to finish whilst some are progressing onto Level 4 with us.  I've reflected more on the first year; A Year of Digital Learning Design.

Graduated for my teaching

After two years doing the DTLLS, I finally graduated in November 2014.  It was a great day and quite emotional in some places.  Here's to the next graduation for my MSc, I'm very lucky to be having two!  My family put out a nice message in the local newspaper to congratulate me.

First year of MSc

Well it's been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings with this journey.  I captured the moments and emptied my head throughout here, here, here and here.  But as I'll mention further down, I seem to be growing more confidence in my knowledge which is really odd as I still don't consider myself intelligent.  Wrong of me I know! :-/  I've openly expressed and challenged many aspects of my practice and thinking but here are some posts I made:

Internal Verifier

I'm halfway through in qualifying to being an Internal Verifier.  I actually really like this role and duties involved.  I find it really interesting as it's all about maintaining and developing the quality of learning and teaching.  Which is another great interest of mine.  In future I hope I will be the lead Internal Verifier for our apprentices, but not only quality assuring but also dealing with the EQA visits.  Plus, I will continue to assess.


I have been a regular contributor to the ALT mailing list, but even more so recently.  I seem to be growing confidence in my knowledge of learning technology, so I have shared more about my practice as well as deeper thoughts.  Recently my thoughts had been captured and formed into an ALT newsletter.


Here are some events I attended:

  • Learning Technologies show, London.  In January me and the apprentices went to London for the day.  It was great to take the apprentices and show them the world of Learning Technologies and eLearning through the eyes of other businesses and enthusiasts.  We also helped man the Design Elearn stall.
  • Showcasing our Digital Learning Design apprenticeship to other Learning Technology managers and organisations.  It was a great day and eventually led to us having an off-site apprentice in York.
  • In less than a year, our company Elephant Learning Designs received; Winner: Elephant Learning Designs, Business Impact Award, Staff Star Awards 2015.  It was a great night of feeling proud and having a fun get together.
  • Digital Learning Design Regional Quality Meeting.  In June, I helped host the event with Ascentis to show good practice of work and assessment.  This was a very interesting meeting that informed the rest of my assessment planning and internal verifying decisions.
  • Technology Enabled Educators launch event.  In June I went to Manchester to see the launch of the qualification that I assisted in writing.  It was great to see the qualification finally be launched and see some example course content and activities.  I just hope I can deliver this soon.
  • White Rose Learning Technologists' forum.  I made a return to this group in July and was great to meet new Learning Technologists and for me to share experience and ideas about the Learning Technologist role and it's progression.


Well I'm still in planning process with the Level 4 Extended Diploma in Digital Learning Design.  But I do hope the Level 5 gets developed as I and the apprentices would like this to happen.  But getting the Level 3's finished off is the main priority right now.  Other than this, I have started my final year of the MSc, well the dissertation begins at least.

Finally and thoughtfully.  This is one of the most heartfelt expressions I have ever done: Conversation with my 15 year old self.