Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Death by academia?

Well, my first year of doing the Technology Enhanced Learning MSc has now officially come to an end.  I've been given feedback on the two modules that I did side by side.  Dangerous I know!  But I'm working to a tight aim of getting this done for when I turn 30 next year.  Maybe a bit too ambitious looking back.  By no means am I rushing it, I'm all about quality and growth, but I do want it to be fast-paced because if I slow down then I'll become a bit demotivated with it.  I can rest and celebrate properly afterwards.  Right, looking at the grades, I am really happy with the E-tutoring one, although lots to consider and take forward as there always is.  The Introduction to Action Research in Teaching and Learning, I wasn't really happy with.  I felt disappointed with myself.  But after chatting and reflecting on this, it gave me the courage and determination I needed to up my academic ability.  I know I need to make some serious changes for the finale that is this educational journey.

Academic writing has been my biggest weakness, given my educational history.  But I do feel I am more pragmatic.  So the biggest experience I have had so far is learning academic writing and being specific and critical of what I mean and say.  I've not had a graded course before and this will probably be my first and last.  So I want to aim high, as we all do.  But this means a lot to me to show that I do know something.  See, I am really dim, but I want to prove that I do know something.  It's not about the material value for me, but the self-worth that it carries.  I've pushed myself so much for the last ten years, which is where it all began.  It all hangs on this final stage in doing the Theory and evaluation of e-learning and dissertation.

So, here's my plan of action, to start off with:

  • Take some light academic skills (criticality, fluidity and signposting in writing etc) reading on my holiday to prepare
  • Take tutors feedback and comments I need to develop
  • Use supporting articles given by the tutors
  • Book in with an academic skills tutor to have a chat

So, you could say it nearly is death by academia!  Or it will be when I have finished this MSc! But as a positive reminder, I did say I’ll give this MSc everything I’ve got, and I don't think I've gave my all just yet.  So lets do this again, and all over again and show I CAN.  I can make an academic out of me yet.