Thursday, 2 April 2015

Methodology for life

I'm in a part of my life where I feel I am in a greater need to explore more about what I want in my life, more than I ever have experienced before.  It's as easy as they say, ask for what you want and you will receive.  But working out what you actually want can be difficult if you don't know.  I've also finally understood the term of loving yourself.  To me I always thought it was about loving the person I am and the things I do.  But it's actually not about that, it's making love to yourself.  The love that you give to others you need to give to yourself.  It's about treating yourself the way you want others to treat you.  Otherwise nothing will change!  You can't be the person you want to be without giving yourself respect and devotion you deserve.

Due to my recent masters module Introduction to Action Research in Teaching and Learning, it inspired me in coming up with the analogy of that our lives can be based on similar scale.

We all have aims, goals and dreams in life, and if not, why not?!  So just like action research you identify an area of improvement or lack of something then you create objectives in which to help you improve the areas that you have identified.  It then acts as criteria or a set of principles in which you can keep referring back to and make sure that you meet the objectives you set.

Here, I will give you a window to my general life aims that I wrote a while ago.  So, I could use these as my objectives in which I can keep coming back and reminding myself of if I ever veer off track.  A good idea isn't it!  A methodology for life!  :-)

  • Make friends wherever I go and keep in contact regularly.
  • Build a big circle of friends and bring people together and plan social gatherings at places.
  • Help people through the experiences I have faced.
  • Giving back to the world; help and give back more than I borrowed to people and nature.
  • Being a true advocate of lifelong learning.
  • Visit different countries and learn the country and culture.
  • Carry on working hard and upwards (practice work hard and play hard principle) and have a clear impact in my job and in education; to become a great teacher of sorts; self-worth, coaching, eLearning, teacher education, quality assurance.
  • Love and raise my own children to be the best people they can be.

My goals and dreams?  Well that's an invitation to have a cuppa over.  Let me know when you are free.  :-)

My aims, goals and dreams will change, grow and adapt as I go through my life because priorities change, as life does change regularly!  You just have to be willing and open to change and make changes.  I'm forever doing that, and it aches sometimes.  But you can't just stop still, you have to keep moving and evolving.  As I said recently; wait for nothing! If you find yourself waiting for communication, an event etc, you're wasting your time. Be a MAKER of OPPORTUNITIES!