Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The attraction of Digital Learning Design

I have been asked to put together a brief synopsis of the attractive benefits of the Digital Learning Design qualifications by a marketing chap from the awarding body.  The following is a summary of the main aspects of the qualifications for both Level 3 and 4:

  • Contains a diverse range of skill sets such as teacher education, graphic design, media production and web authoring.
  • Develops career pathways into being a Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, Learning Technologist, Website Designer and Teaching
  • Increases organisational and business opportunities by offering new and flexible ways of learning
  • Uses creative and design software
  • Stimulates designer creativity
  • Develops creativity, design, problem solving, analytical skills, team working and communication skills.
  • Supports, manages and maintains a Digital Learning Environment
  • Applies and develops reflection for personal development
  • Explores legal and compliance requirements
  • Considers current trends and issues in the eLearning industry
  • Introduces project planning and management skills and methods
  • Develops understanding and challenges of individual and team communication skills
  • Applies learning theories and the science of learning and eLearning design
  • Applies assessment of and for learning
  • Develops understanding and techniques to implement accessibility features and functions
  • Enables quality assurance methods
  • Develops Instructional Design techniques (analysing, storyboarding, constructing)
  • Emphasises Technology Enhanced Learning by exploring the use of collaborative, immersive, social and mobile technologies
  • Develops training and confidence skills for one to one and group situations
  • Recording, editing and publishing videos and audio
  • Applies graphic design principles, strategies and methods
  • Creates and maintains webpages
  • Develops responsibilities of staying safe online
  • Introduces software development
  • Introduces gaming principles for use in eLearning

I really like these qualifications as they do encompass a range of skill sets, which enables individuals to gain a career in eLearning or to gain wider experience to choose a particular career path.  These qualifications are current and up to date to give individuals the knowledge and performance skills they need to fulfil an eLearning career.  The true value in these qualifications lies within the diversity of the content and the learning experience gained.

Through my experience, these qualifications appear to be attracting graphic designers and ICT/computing individuals that are interested in the digital nature of the content.  However, not everyone understand the role of eLearning which is hard one to pitch to 16-19 year olds.  Plus, understanding pedagogy is essential is a very hard challenge.  Some of our first year apprentices have progressed onto Level 4 with us whilst one has gained employment in a similar eLearning designer role and others are seeking employment in similar roles and web authoring.

I have discussed more in A Year of Digital Learning Design and A Desktop Analysis of eLearning Packages.