I regularly look out for new books to support my learning and development through social media, publisher newsletters/brochures and peeking at others bookshelves!  I always share my findings onto individuals/groups that may interest them as well onto my professional networks, both face-to-face and via social media.  So I have created a dedicated area that presents an illustrated list of books (in no particular order) by:

  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) | eLearning  | digital skills (my specialism);
  • Teacher education (underpinning reference) and
  • Journals, articles and guides (for research/further guidance)

The book lists include some of my favourite 'go to's', some of which sit on my own shelf.  Those that work in further, higher, primary and secondary education will find them useful.  On Amazon you can preview, see further book recommendations and purchase copies.  You could also request an inspection copy directly from the publisher or even loan from your local or organisation's library or online repository.

I update this page frequently as I find new and upcoming books and other handy literature.

TEL | eLearning | digital skills

Teacher education