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Learning Technology: A Handbook for FE Teachers and Assessors

📖 The book

When I started my career in learning technology, I had little understanding of how digital technology could be used in education.  Throughout my professional development and being proactive in my field, I understood a lot more about Information Learning Technology (ILT).  However, it wasn't made as easy as it could possibly be.  This may be the case for some people, hence writing this accessible book to help and guide them.  I would have appreciated a book like this when I first started my learning technology role.  It's in this spirit why I wanted to write a book like this.  Read more about the rationale behind my book's creation.

I'll take a moment to say I am really proud of this book.  Not only because of getting it out there, but coming from my educational background.  I saw a gap in the market for this kind of book - one that has not been published in this style before.  I enjoy making sense of complex learning situations and theories and being able to simplify them, not only for me but for others.  This is very much present in my book, it’s just as useful to me than it is to its readers – good for reminding me on stuff!  I believe what I have done is a extremely useful and valuable resource.  I'd like to think of this publication as a continuing body of work and I will hopefully have the opportunity expand and build on this edition as new knowledge and practices are experienced and learned.  As well as the continuing evolution of digital practices.

Many learning technology books are 'theory heavy' and are aimed at confident ILT users and the digitally capable.  Some people may not be where they are.  The publication is accessibly and practically what ILT and eLearning is and how to make the most of them in Further Education (FE) teaching practices.  Those who are looking for innovative ideas or about the next big game-changing digital technology this will not be for you - there are many other books available for this.  This accessible book is ideal for those starting out using and have some awareness of ILT, and are exploring further potential of what and how digital technologies can enhance their role and their learners learning.  You may even be undertaking an Education and Training programme and you need further guidance in the application of ILT.  You'll notice that much essential teacher training material is in textual form, now learning technology is accessible in this medium.  Whilst the text is aimed at FE, all of it can be related to Higher Education (HE), it's all useful for building foundations for effective use of digital technology with any learners.

The book represents me as a pragmatic person - getting straight to the point in practical guidance.  It is a product and celebration of what I have experienced, learned and practised since starting my career journey in learning technology.  I share with you the main things that I feel are required to make the use of ILT successful and help you to learn more ways to be creative with it.  My book proudly sits alongside and complements many other learning technology and teaching books.  I hope your enjoy this book as much as I did putting it together.

💬 Feedback/feedforward

I'm curious to see who's hands my book ends up in, so if you get a copy, do share a picture using the hashtag #LTbookFE on Twitter and include my handle @_Daniel_Scott.  You can also contact me through LinkedIn or with my email address in the book.  If you like what you read and would like to use, collaborate and/or develop my expertise, or have any requests for further publications in relation to the content of this book, please contact me.

I hope the text helps and inspires in some sort of way.  If it did I'd like to hear more about how it has so.  If you have a copy of the book, please do provide a few comments on Amazon or the publisher's main web page or anywhere else you got it from.  This will help others to see how useful it has been to them.

If there are any topics you would like to see covered in possible future editions, please contact me with the details above or enclosed in the book.  Likewise, if you have or know of any resources or publications that may be useful to include, let me know.

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You may want to share and connect with others using the hashtag #LTbookFE on social media.  So create a wider community and get involved in sharing what you are discovering, learning and practising with ILT!  Use the book as a starting point of what you are already doing and wanting to explore further.  We can all help each other through the process.

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