Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Year - 2013/2014

Well, it's the start of a new year tomorrow.  I'm excited of what this year will bring at Barnsley College!  As always, there will be changes and challenges, but that's what it is about.  it would be boring otherwise!  You have to embrace it and take the positives out of it all.  That's what I do.  You have to move with the changes.  There is no point in being upset and stubborn about it.

We have three new University placements starting with us, replacing the last three.  But we have a new third permanent member in our small department. One of the placements from last year.  They will mainly be looking after Moodle and bringing it in-house.   So there is lots going to be happening in our department.  Each University placement we have had so far have added a lot to the department and the College.  It's because each of them are unique in their own right and have different skill sets and knowledge they bring to their roles.  They're all usually have different career aspirations and directions, which again has proved to be a benefit, by contributing to department ideas and taking things into different directions.  Just like anybody does, as they come into the world.  This time, I may be taking more of a coaching and mentoring role and working with them more closely, but to my specialist area in learning and teaching.

For me, my role may evolve, but I shall see what happens.  Be great if it does or the College allows me to evolve.  I grow a lot every year and because of this new ideas, skills and knowledge come out of it.  So it's a benefit in disguise!

Let's go, bring it!