Thursday, 19 September 2013

Assessing - the last piece to the puzzle

I am now doing the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement!  This course looks at assessing competence in the workplace and outside of it as well as knowing and understanding assessment principles and practices.

For me, this is the last piece to the learning and teaching puzzle, if you like.  It encapsulates the entire process.  It is at the assessment stage to know what has been actually learned and/or applied.  It's such a fascinating process learning and teaching!

I'm doing it as part of the qualification I am delivering, Level 4 Certificate in Technology in Learning Delivery.  As part of delivering this qualification I need to see learners (teachers) in the workplace.  Again, it's a fascinating thing to witness and experience and see real competence and growth.

I am so grateful to be doing this assessor qualification!  My manager, Robert Hutton has really invested in me as a person.  He's spent a lot of money and time in what I want to do over the years.  It's so rare these days and I never take it for granted.  He's such an understanding person and see things positively for what and how they should be.

I've learned so much from him since working with him.  I listen and take in a lot from him.  The main and best thing: challenge purposes and question thinking.  You wouldn't believe how much this has helped me.  He's allowed me to become a person that I always wanted to be. With his help, I'm achieving that and more.  It's been a long journey and glad he has been a major part of it.

So, I am a Lifelong Learner, teacher and now a developing assessor!  Right now, I'm feeling damn proud of the journey I am making and sharing.