Saturday, 7 September 2013

Evolutionary not revolutionary?

This is rather deep, more so than usual! I’m no scientist, but just going on observation of technology with human intervention.

Humans exist to succeed, that's why we are here today, as the dominant species on Earth. But to get where we are now, our ancestors have taken many learning processes that have had major influences.  Technology is proof of our evolutionary existence. Humans have developed this over many years. It really is evolutionary not revolutionary. From our ancestors to now, we have learned and shared our knowledge throughout generations. This has given rise to new ideas and thought processes.  So it was only a matter of time before humans came up with the concept of advancing with technology.

Using technology in education is now modern learning and teaching. We are surrounded by it everywhere in day to day life. It’s going to be interesting to see where technology will be taken in the future.  Plus, how learning and teaching will evolve with it.  Will it become all automated or will it go back slightly traditional?

It’s funny that technology is our greatest invention and I think it will be our greatest killer, a killer both socially and in our work; jobs and careers. It seems to be replacing naturally given face to face communication, interactions and doing physical jobs. While this is good for some educational and work situations (which is what it should be used for, not a replacement), it does have a major impact on social and communication skills.  Or, will humans evolve alongside technology and our natural face to face social and communications will become secondary?  I think it has been proven to be happening now.  Technology needs to be used smartly and wisely.  I once said:

I love using technology, but it does come with some consequences.  I think humans will come full circle at some point. A benefit to Earth or not, it will be decided by the laws of nature as it always is.  As I've said many times, the end of world is humans imploding on themselves not just a dying planet.

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