Monday, 1 September 2014

New Year - 2014/2015

I had a beautiful and much needed rest in Sidari!  Well, an all round rested Summer!  I think I've got too comfortable with it this time as I was desperately needing this break!

Well, today brings a new academic year at Barnsley College!  Although I've been back at work since beginning of August.  How different a year makes from last year!

There's been lots of change in my job.  And it's started with getting the apprentices that I mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Last week was the first week of having the apprentices.  We started off with a team building day out in the beautiful Derbyshire.  We did caving in the morning and orienteering in the afternoon.

I generally felt a bit like a fish out of water last week.  I went through many emotions and feelings.  I'be been here before, I know what I need to do.  It's just new and I'm a bit nervous.  But the main thing is that the apprentices said they are enjoying it so far and feel good with what they are and will be doing.  I will be doing a big reflection on this and forming a plan that can be used for next year.  I will be responsible for managing and developing them.  So I need to be on top form for this!

Actually, next year marks ten years since I was an apprentice.  So it's a lovely kind of strange that I have come full circle sort of thing.

This year is going to be very interesting and probably my most hard worked.  I will be fulfilling my new role, starting the Technology Enhanced Learning MSc, starting the quality assurance qualification and doing my Governor role.  So there's plenty to be doing.  But I need to look after my health during this.  It looks like it could be quite stressful.  So I need to ENJOY these and not see them as just tasks.

I've got so much to do, it begins again!