Sunday, 31 August 2014


I had an absolute awesome time at Sidari in Corfu, Greece. Lots of lovely memories!  Really wish I was there back in the sun and being in the sea!  Until next time...

Whilst I was there I started writing my first album.  Although I can't sing or play any instrument, doesn't mean I can't be an artist of some sort.  Actually, back in June I said; just because I don't draw, paint or play an instrument doesn't mean I'm not an artist. Work is in progress.  But that was based on a new kind of artist.

This album is just a collection of thoughts and reflections, but suppose they will be built around being songs.  But it's a journey of myself, but themed around the ocean.  Which I have always loved and been drawn to.

When I was in my apartment room, this came to me...

I swam through the depths of the ocean in my heart to find everything I needed. On the journey back I let all the things I didn't need sink.  I can imagine it having a William Orbit and Guy Sigsworth production.

It's kind of weird, but I started to become really obsessed with Madonna's Ray Of Light album just before I went away.  And when I was on holiday, I kept listening to it and the song Swim.  So I used this and my love for the ocean for inspiration.

A month later, I came up with a final tracklist.  This is the result of uncovering, accepting and fulfilling who I am and meant to be. This is my album, Ocean.

1. Water
2. Swim/Sink
3. Dive
4. Surf
5. Orca
6. Jellyfish
7. Tide
8. Shore
9. Grown
10. Quantity Is Not Power

Today I had the idea of a second album called Making Waves.  This one would be more about relationships and my career.  But I need to finish this one first!  Let's see how this goes!