Thursday, 22 May 2014

Flipped Instruction?

This afternoon we had one of our creative meetings, where we just share what we are doing in an informal way.

We had a chat about some developments we are making with learning design in an eLearning product and using presenters.  It got me thinking. What if we flipped the instruction in an eLearning product?!  In a reply I said, "what about flipping the instruction of the delivery in eLearning products"?

Basically, using a presenter like a real person or avatar that usually gives you instructions.  But what about flipping this and allowing the learner to be the presenter.  It would be like a role play situation, building on from my last post; Games, the main driver of learning?  The learner is the presenter or character in the eLearning product.  The learner is not sat there being a passive individual, which is the usual case.  The learner is driving the eLearning product and achieving or collecting the learning objectives as they go through it.

I think this would be a great strategy to motivate, engage and get people involved when participating in eLearning products.  There's not enough in them.  Most are just commercial products that have little impact or meaning to users, just quick fix solutions.  That is not quality eLearning.

I've got a great plan for developing highly interactive eLearning products that is going to be different.  This is just one strategy that's in there that I am going to try.

This idea just came from a conversation.  It just shows true evidence from meaningful conversations you can have that invokes ideas and development!