Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My first EQA experience

I prepared as much as I could, making sure everything was available to the External Quality Assurer (EQA).  So I could do nothing more at this stage.

I produced some documents prior to the EQA visit, just so that they had something developmental from me:

  • Produced a SWOT analysis of the course. To show that I had reflected on the course as well as my self.
  • Prodcued a Scheme of Work for the next cohort. Just to show them my future plans.

The EQA arrived well before their arrival time.  I had not even opened up the ePortfolios and copied over documents of the learners feedback at this point!

I met the EQA at reception to collect them. Then took them to our training room which I had booked out.  We had an informal chat and got to know each other and plans for the day.  It was nice that we shared our career journeys (but maybe this was so that she could explore who I am as a person).  I learned quite a bit about some of their work and other business.

The EQA told me about how other organisations are delivering and offering the course.  Which I found useful.  Plus, it was a question I was going to ask them anyway.  The EQA asked me some general questions about the course, such as how the course went for me, how it was delivered and assessed.  I also told them about any things that I felt they should know about, in terms of learners work and any assessment decisions.

The EQA then needed to look at some of the learners work.  So I left at this point and was called in a couple of times to clarify some things.

Midway, my Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) went in to meet and chat with the EQA and discussed their IQA process and my work, which was very positive.

In the afternoon, ultimately, all learners had passed!  There was no action plan for me, but an improvement on administration of assessment.  I was also given Direct Claim Status.  In which the EQA said that they wouldn't usually give this to first time people, but they said there were no problems.  I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment.  But surreal!  I have got a smile on my face though.

I'm feeling very proud, but teary as this means so much to me.  Just to go through the entire teaching, assessment and management process to result in this.

The EQA will be coming out to observe me on the next cohort, which I am looking forward to.  Here's to the next one!