Thursday, 14 November 2013

A CPD session on feedback

Yesterday I attended the Business and Management department's CPD session on feedback.  The session was about sharing how we give feedback to learners.  We were asked to bring a good and bad example of what we had given to a learner.

I asked to attend it as it would be good for me to see what others do and use, to build confidence in my feedback skills.  Plus, it contributes to building my knowledge and skills for my assessing qualification.

It was a great little session and I really enjoyed participating in it.  We had a little introduction to the session, then we split into groups with people with similar delivery.  I found myself really excited and enthused in talking about what I had done and not done.  I found myself wanting to take over the group conversations and expressing my views.  Especially on my experiences with subjective and objective feedback.  I also discussed my feedback template that encourages giving a positive contribution, improvements and developments.  But the thing that I was most proud of was sharing something that I experimented with at the beginning of my Level 4 Certificate in Technology in Learning Delivery course.  I showed a screenshot I took of me giving feedback on a learner's ePortfolio through a screencast that included a video of me in the corner of it.  The group really liked that idea and started to talk about ways they could do it.

I like to drop seeds of inspiration wherever I go!