Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A circle of CPD

I really do love learning from other professionals! Taking their views and turning them into my own positive developments.

We all have a professional learning circle, where we check out what these people are saying and doing, to help move forward our thinking and creativity.

I have a close circle of professional people that I check on regularly to see what new things they are doing and sharing.  In checking out their updates, it helps inform me:

  • What I am currently doing
  • Why I am doing it?
  • How could I do it better?
  • Should I be exploring and doing what others' are doing?

It's a method of Continuous Professional Development (CPD); reviewing, contributing, collaborating and developing together, which is ideal to get real ideas and innovation!  Then I share with others.

I have identified the following people that I get a lot from.  I find their contributions really valuable to myself and my work as well as the wider community.  I came across these people through natural networking at events, when I first started this role, and others I work with or have worked with.  Here they are:

I will keep adding to this list, when I get aquainted to other people who beam positivity and inspiration at me.

In me identifying these people, you will check them out and maybe add to your circle or pass onto other people.  See how it works?  Social media at one of it's best!  Social media really does provide a platform for all to be inspired. Anytime, anywhere learning. What would we do without it?