Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The light of inspiration

To me, inspiration helps you see things in a different positive way.  It's what makes you a better person.  Inspiration can come in the form of anything, that you can take something positive from.

Not long after I finished school, I set a goal to make something of myself.  I feel I've achieved that (although I can't see it sometimes) after a lot of hard work.  But now I have to maintain it and take myself further.

It took a really long time for me to find out who I was as a person.  I was such a lost person and easily influenced.  I remember the days when I weren't sure what I stood for.  I believe my enthusiasm was born from this.  I think some people know themselves early in their life, midway or right at the very end.  But it doesn't matter when, as we all do find out who we are at some point in our life.  As this is what life is about on the earth plane.  I believe this is what my life purpose has all been about.  Once I knew myself and then my purpose, I found inspirations and passions and tuned into them.

In my video A Journey Of Employability I spoke about three inspirations.  I channelled these inspirations (along with many others) to take my career and being further.  I didn't want the enthusiasm and energy to end, so I made the best of it!  But it does come with the need of wanting to do more and be better.  It doesn't just happen.

Below are two popular inspirations I mentioned that have helped me become the person I am today.  But, there are many more that have been a scaffold in my journey.  Maybe I'll tell you over a nice cup of tea with biscuits!

Alecia Moore (P!nk)

P!nk is very much like me in personality.  We have madness, sadness and seriousness in one, as I once said!  P!nk is my love and relationships inspiration, as well as a work inspiration.  She just speaks the truth and straight to the point.  Just like me haha.  She has been through many stages in her life, from personal struggles to the woman she always wanted to be.  This is the key thing we have in common.  I feel and understand every stage she has been through.  We have depth to our souls and share this throughout our journeys.  Some favourite motivational singles are Don't Let Me Get Me, Trouble and Stupid Girls, Dear Mr. President, Raise Your Glass and Perfect, along with many other album tracks.

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé and I share the same career drive.  Bettering herself as a person through independence, drive and motivation in what she loves doing.  Beyoncé is my work inspiration.  Although most of her songs are aimed at women, I just turn them around in a universal way for me haha!  Some favourite motivational singles that get me fired up are Independent Women, Survivor, Listen, Run The World (Girls) and I Was Here, along with many other album tracks and the unreleased Grown Woman.

I sometimes watch tour performances, DVDs and documentaries of P!nk and Beyoncé to inspire me to do the best I can in my work.  I watch some specific performances that really fire me up!  I'll tell you those in person sometime.  I get so much from seeing my favourite artists live.  It gives me a sense of the hard work that has gone into the shows.  It makes me want to work even harder.  Like P!nk and Beyoncé, you could say I am a form of role model.  But not a singing or dancing one haha!  But a role model in developing people and careers that started off like mine.

I don't want to be the above people, as it is very important to be yourself, and I am myself at all times.  But these people give me a kick and keep me grounded when needed, as well as draw the best out of me.  I can't explain how much these people have given me over the years.  They have opened up the person I always wanted to be.

There is so much to say about these people, but I would need to write a book haha!

I just channel all of this positive energy into my own meaning, which I then project out to others.  See how it all works?  I do, and it's incredible!  Giving love to the world.