Saturday, 17 August 2013

My blog - the first post

Hey all!

Welcome to my blog and the inside of my personal and professional head! :-)

Because my full-time role is a learning technologist, you would think it's given that I have a blog and many other technologies to use and promote for myself.  But I am different, I don't and won't write in a self-professed way and be consumed by commercialism like other educators.  My posts are all positive, not negative. I am simply expressing and sharing my thoughts and journey with you (and hoping I am not alone in this lovely challenging career), and my reflective self.  I aim to express. Not to impress.  One of my quotes. ;-)

I originally started up my first blog at the beginning of 2012 but deleted it as I weren't sure what to share and how to present the content.  So a year or so later, here is my blog - intended to be a human collection of my own words and videos, talking about my magical career in Lifelong Learning and Teaching.  I probably won't give away every unique secret about me here, that would be over a cup of tea and biscuits!

I use Twitter as my Personal Learning Network to keep up to date with new and upcoming learning, teaching and technology innovations.  I also use it to express thoughts that come to me, all of which are positive and meaningful.

For this I use LinkedIn to present a professional overview of my education and work experience.  Plus, it saves writing and linking up to multiple profiles that say the same thing.

A list of publications I have written or significantly contributed towards.

I record short video entries and will post them on my blog.  The videos will be within the same theme of my blog, about me, learning and teaching.

I hope you will get something from my blog, even if it is a smile.

Enjoy, Dan Scott.

P.S, I probably will edit my posts by adding and correcting things.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist.