Thursday, 15 November 2018

Energy through numbers

So, this has been happening a long long long time, however I thought I would take some time out to reflect on this peculiar thing.  I keep seeing the number 22 along with a lot of association to the number 10.  For example, when unconsciously looking around I may see people reading a book and they're on chapter 22 or  a volume is set to 22 or the minutes are on 22.  That kind of thing.  I'm not sure where all of this started but I know that I have been aware for a long time that these numbers appear in many ways and forms.  I unconsciously didn't choose these numbers but surely they must have some significance (besides mathematics), especially as there is a lot of spiritual material out there on the meaning of them.  So I thought I'd investigate into this...


Apparently 22 has a lot of resonance to purpose in life and has a strong spiritual connection.  There's a lot of positive energy and vibration around intuition, effort and purposefulness that I am called to share with humanity.  It seems to revolve around making dreams into reality which involves being pragmatic, ambitious and focused.

Some known/recent sightings:

  • 22nd was the start date at my first learning technology job at a FE college
  • My first house in Barnsley is number 22
  • 22nd September 2016 was when I got my final masters result
  • 22nd publish date of Association for Learning Technology's review of my book 'Learning Technology'
  • Get paid on 22nd in my current job at NTU
  • Regularly see number 22 on TV and in passing, like on bus numbers, weather 22C
  • Table at a recent restaurant was number 22
  • 22 item code on a bathroom pipe at work
  • 22 on apartment entrance when I visited Budapest
  • 22 in a sketched heart in at Szimpla Kert in Budapest
  • Seat number 22 for Jane McDonald Christmas Show
  • Gate 22 aboarding plane to Costa Rica. Plus on 22 April 2019, whilst at Arenal volcano I was told by the guide it has erupted 22 times during it's 7,000 year life.
  • P!nk's Hurts 2B Human album references 22 twice on songs 'Can We Pretend' and 'Happy'.  After going number 1 on UK Official Chart, it was reported "over 22,000 combined sales ahead of its nearest rival".
  • 22 mentioned while watching Wine Country

There are many more...


This number appears to represent determination, independence, confidence, leadership and accomplishment - having everything one needs in order to be successful.  It's about seeing things through wholeheartedly rather than incomplete or unfinished tasks.  Having the inspiration, ideas, solutions, drive and will to succeed in anything that the mind is focused on.

Some known/recent sightings:

  • My birth date
  • The day, month and year of when I (narrowly) survived a single car incident (my car was wrote off as a result - mangled mess)
  • Gabriella Cilmi's 'On A Mission' song was a source of motivation when I started my learning technology career - from the album Ten, released 22nd March 2010
  • New house number where I moved to
  • My book release day
  • Seat number 10 for Kylie Minogue Golden Tour

And so on...

Once you start seeing it, you see it everywhere, and that's without trying or thinking about it.  Coincidence?  That's an individual thing - it's what you choose to believe in.  I feel there is a strong connection with these numbers but I can't explain further why.  Weirdly (without deciding to), I first began making notes on this blog post on the 10 April 2018.

Making sense of it

I can definitely see how these numbers have meaning to me given the descriptions.  I do feel a strong sense of energy, purpose and movement about me (possibly an odd thing to say).  Especially how I have developed myself personally (struggled in finding out who I was) and professionally (making something of myself), there's real evidence here for these.  But there has always been something in me that has put the 'voices' in my head to push myself further and move outside of my comfort zone.  I guess it explains why I have strong proactive energies that have enabled me to do some things that I might talk myself out of.  Plus, I am at an interesting part of my life right now having moved home, new job and generally being more wiser.

By no means am I right, or wrong on this matter.  But after searching on the meaning of these numbers there seems to be a lot of spiritual knowledge (and my own evidence) that these numbers definitely have significant meaning to me.  It seems I need to listen to myself more and truly apply the spiritual and empathetic gifts I have, as I know that I don't use them to their best potential.  I'm fully aware there's something meaningful happening behind the 'spiritual veil', I'm not sure when or how it will reveal itself, or maybe it has and I don't know it yet?  But it does feel like one of those things where all the stars are aligned.  Crazy beautiful stuff I'd say!  I need to devote some time to understand this further.  It is an interest but usually after work I'm mentally exhausted and some weekends can be hectic.  Or I could do with speaking to someone or something to show me the way, as a lot of guidance suggests it's an awakening?