Thursday, 2 August 2018

Slow learner?

This blog post arrives after much insecurity about how I generally learn and respond to learning.  As much as this may be a surprise (or not), I feel this is true of me.  I'm sure the people that I socialise and work with and even lived with will have most likely experienced this!  I'm a living paradigm.  As Gary once said I'm both stupid and intelligent. 😲  But how can that be?  And can it happen?  Perhaps it all draws back to some of my earlier experiences.  Maybe I shouldn't analyse myself in this way but we are all different, you don't get the same person twice.  Not even twins have the same spirit and personality.  I don't think there's no perfect human being.  If you do happen to know a perfect person, what criteria, lenses or circumstances are you judging them on?  I realise I somewhat dim in nature at times, but that is just my character - I wouldn't be any fun otherwise!  I feel a lot of this is due to my brain thinking way ahead than my body can react.  My body then tries to catch up with my brain's decisions, leaving my body tripping up over itself?!  However, I do appear to be in my own little world at times.

Being a 'slow learner' doesn't mean I am less productive or incompetent, as I feel I am fast at being productive than understanding.  I might be 'slow' in some ways, however I'm a proactive doer.  I'm pragmatic, that's what I have always been about, it just comes natural.  If I have something to do or needs doing, I get on with it and get it done - I see things through.  I don't do half jobs - I'm very meticulous!  It may take me a few times to go around things (repetition) until I fully understand something.  However, in my opinion a slow learner is just as powerful as a fast learner.  Slow learners take more time to understand detail, environments and situations whilst fast learners may jump in without fully understanding all angles.  They are of which both pros and cons to these, as with everything.  It's down to where these abilities are used and for the right purpose.  Just like applying for a job really.  The employer will review your application or CV and assess the suitability of your knowledge, skills and experience against the the job role specification.

In saying all of this though, I am quick to react to feedback and I'm very diligent in the process of responding to it.  I find that I am quick at learning when I know what I want to learn.  Like I am quick to learn and adapt when it's more career/professional related stuff.  Perhaps I feel I have more control over it?  It must be, because I wouldn't be successful otherwise.  Plus, I lived in and managed my first house on my own for 6 years!  I think emotional intelligence speaks volumes here, I do feel and sense more than in linear logical ways.  This is why recognising our own learning patterns is important as it helps us to determine the best ways we can understand and carry out things to the best of our abilities, and what we are comfortable in doing.  I think a lot of it comes down to active listening and communication and how we interpret this, which is probably the use of language and what we are used to?  Or is it purely just down to priorities and personal agendas of what we want to hear and do and discounting everything else?  I guess that's another discussion in itself!

My conclusion on this small incoherent rambling - work with and build on your strengths.  Just because you aren't particularly good at one thing doesn't mean your not got at anything else or even at all.  When watching Game of Thrones, I was hung up on this quote (not the scene for obvious reasons) which pretty much sums up how I am.

"I'm a slow learner, it's true.  But I learn." - Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones.

And that there, says it all, "I learn". 👍


In June 2021, my fiancé sent me the following image below from r/2meirl4meirl on Reddit - hit the nail on the head literally, in how I have been trying to articulate this myself and failed.  This is how I feel the majority of the time and do think there is strong links to introversion and asynchronicity here.  Especially as I am more a reflector and evaluator and dislike being put on the spot.  I need to remember that I am intelligent and that I express it in my own unique ways (more so emotional intelligence), whether that goes against forced or conventional norms.  But I do respond better when I am present and in the company of positive and encouraging energies and in safe environments.