Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New course design for reflective learning

Further from my ALT Online Winter Conference 2016 'The rounded self – exploring how digital technology can be used to help student’s present soft-skills'.  I was invited by Geoff Rebbeck to provide a webinar on 22 February 2017 for the FELTAG (Further Education Learning Technology Action Group) SIG (Special Interest Group) and contribute to its manifesto.  Thank you Geoff for the opportunity to share my practices and thinking.

I chose the theme 'new course design for reflective learning' in Digital Learning Environments and eLearning objects because it's an interesting area to me, plus it's quite fitting as reflection is a big part of my personality too.  I decided to present this as a 'walk and talk' presentation, meaning that I wanted it to be like you were asking for an informal chat about it and we’d take a walk to discuss it.  It's most likely nothing new but reinforcing some points.  Below is the outline of my webinar that I delivered and a video of my presentation.

"Dan will lead a ‘walk and talk’ webinar, exploring ideas on how reflection can be utilised more in online course design, drawing on his own experience as an expert in e-learning both in a college setting and in the commercial world."