Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Get my rocks on

From a very young age, I've always been attracted to spiritual things.  May that be beliefs in the afterlife, crystals, spirit cards, dreamcatchers etc.  Back then I didn't know how to explain, interpret or work with these things, but the interest was there.  It just was unfathomable to me.

Years later I stumbled across the Ghost Whisperer TV show.  I bought season one but didn't actually get to watching until a year or so later.  Yes it is scripted TV, but the programme was written and underpinned with mediums and real stories that explain how the spirit world works.  It was also through this show that I was inspired by Melinda Gordon's character.  Her character expressed her unique gift in communicating with spirits of people who have passed.  But more so her empathetic personality, which inspired me want to become a more compassionate person - and still does today.  I have been to many mediumship services and demonstrations and witnessed lots of evidence and question marks, that have left me even more curious of what is beyond the material earth plane.

Over the years I have always been drawn to collecting polished crystals, fossils and volcanic rocks etc.  I must have had a helping hand from the 'Treasures of the Earth' magazine that was out way back when!  I have been drawn to rocks purely due to their natural history and aesthetic formations but always knew there was some sort of deeper connection with them.  Many people (and I feel it myself) say that I have a good soul and the ability to heal others.  So due to my interest in spirituality, crystals and wanting to learn something completely different to my profession, crystal healing was at the top!  For years I have carried crystals with me every now and again depending what I need to a boost of.  Fruit and vegetables come from the ground and are good for you, so surely crystals have healthy properties.  So now is the time to learn crystals properly in a healing context.

Not sure when my crystal collection began, but below is what I have at present.  I know many that I have in my collection, but some I need to re-identify.  I like to collect them as well as use for healing.  I do have a lot of other raw crystals, rocks and fossils in my collection, which I may share in a later blog post. 

At the end of 2016, I bought a cool box (above) to put them all in and I bought Judy Hall's 'Complete Crystal Workshop' book.  I have always been a bit dubious buying crystal healing books as I once learned that you need to experience the vibrations from the crystals, not by another person's experience.  However, this book is based exactly on what I experience and feel from the crystals - just what I was looking for.  Here's to the start to my 'official' informal journey of learning and practicing crystal healing!