Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Employability, Professional and Personal Development

From my last post Demonstrating employability, I said I just needed to capture myself teaching employability skills.  Well, I've just had an idea, literally just in the last few moments!

So...  I am going to plan and run an employability skills session with our current University placements.  It makes great sense to do it with them and round off their placement nicely.  Quite nervous of the thought as their expectations will be high!  So I'll try to motivate and encourage them as much as I can give!  This is going to be really fun and exciting actually.  Especially for me.

It will be great to teach them and share lots of skills and developmental ideas.  I suppose it's really going to be a mix of employability, professional and personal development, plus promoting themselves as individuals.  Obviously I am going to include what I ahve learned and observed during this unit for my DTLLS, but go above and beyond and integrate my personal knowledge and experience of what I have achieved in embracing motivation and personal development.

So now I know what I am going to do, let's get creative with the planning and running it!