Saturday, 1 May 2021

Becoming digitally capable in a time of forced change

On 28 April 2021, I delivered a 5-minute online presentation for the East Midlands Association of Learning Technology (ALT) group.  The call asked for short presentations from the community on what I or our team feel we have achieved this year, focusing on the small things rather than the strategic approaches we have taken.  Such as adapting in-person approaches for online/remote delivery or approaches taken to supporting members of the team.  I chose to briefly talk through the approach we took as a team and the role I played, to adapting online through redesigning an in-person leadership programme and developing our digital capabilities throughout the process.  The presentation synopsis:

Title:  Becoming digitally capable in a time of forced change
Description:  A walkthrough of the successes and lessons learned when transitioning online and supporting the continuum of digital skills development

It includes some commentary/reflections from the project team on the change they experienced to adapting online and using new digital technologies.  Thank you to them for their contributions. 😊 At the end I also mention some future ideas I have for the online programme.

Below is the presentation - although way too detailed for 5 minutes, I managed to succinctly cover it!