Thursday, 16 May 2019

Learning approaches to inform Learning and Development opportunities

On 13 May 2019 and 4 May 2020 at my institution, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) I delivered a lecture to a small group of students studying towards their Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.  The topic I talked about was 'Learning approaches to inform Learning and Development opportunities'.  I really enjoyed doing this, I really did, everything just went well - calm environment, students were lively, interested, inquisitive and asking me lots of questions.  I talked a lot from my experience which I appeared to reel off seamlessly.  Quite a reveal as I did fret quite a bit when planning this.  Well, during planning I did say "When does an #edtech guest talk become a lecture? I feel this is turning into a lecture. I'm introducing and discussing the application of two #TEL related frameworks... 🤔"  Well, maybe not a lecture but did slightly feel like one.  Here's a run down of what happened to give my presentation below some life:

  • Opened up by asking students to describe what their best learning experience was and why - set my message for the talk (pedagogy before technology)
  • Provided an overview of a range of current digital technologies that are available to them, along with how to keep up date with new and emerging learning technology developments
    • Asked students what they used/experienced and how out of the options
    • Discussed eLearning and authoring tools, including H5P
    • Introduced my Display, Engage, Participation model to reinforce the idea of moving from passive to interactive/active learning
  • Described Laurillard's learning types as a framework to determine approaches of underpinning digital technology with pedagogy and an improved representation of learning preferences
    • Included TEL examples of each learning type
  • Explained Salmon's 5 Stage Model and how it could be adapted to underpin their learning interventions, considering all stages to scaffold their digital learning approaches for their employees and even their own
  • Evaluated (briefly as a group) a current eLearning object available to them at NTU
    • Discussed what makes good and poor eLearning
    • Sheep dip approaches
  • Revisited my message set at the beginning as a book end to the talk
  • After my talk, I stopped for Sunlight's (a learning resource management company) talk and demonstration of their system to support staff learning
    • My talk provided students with a critical lens to evaluate the service towards their own organisation's digital learning needs

I received good feedback from students and have since been invited back to do this again sometime. 👍


On 4 May 2020 I delivered the same lecture with additional content on the learning design process.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I delivered this online via Microsoft Teams, below is the presentation recording of that lecture: