Monday, 31 December 2018

Musings through the years

I like to think I'm quite a philosophical person, as well as being highly reflective which is present and felt throughout this blog.  Over the years via social media I have voiced some interesting statements, however in the last couple of years I have become somewhat silent and not voicing these 'one liner reflections' online and as open as I used to.  Although they have always been present in face-to-face conversations.

From January to December, 2007 to 2018 I have extracted some significant quotes from what I have posted on social media during this time.  Including some new quotes I have made recently, I'll continue to update this blog post as I write new ones.  A lot of my quotes appear to be coming from 2011-2015, which I admittedly was in a very reflective state of mind during this period of my life.  I think there are some awesome and otherworldly gems I have come out with.  You'll read that some reflections are pretty deep, laughable and cringey, but it's what I felt at the time...


My record collection is like a map of my life. Every CD is like a book.  Every track is like a chapter.  I place tracks on certain parts and experiences of my life.  There is a song for every moment, emotion and feeling.  I listen and relate to the lyrics and music.  It supports, builds and defines me.  I love music, its important to me. 🙂 (2011)

Love is as good as you make it.  (2011)

What is hard to get you don't realise until you are with it.  (2011)

Less 'things' and more meaning.  (2012)

I should stop collecting dust and start making sparks! (2013)

To become what you have always known.  I would do it all again, because it allowed me to see my greatness. (2013)

Don't evade what you may think are threats.  Most of the time they are learning opportunities in disguise. (2013)

Time is precious for us. Don't wait on anything.  Waiting holds you back from doing what YOU need to do.  Time is yours. Don't lose it.  (2014)

You look at people and think what's your story?  Then you look at me and think what's mine.  Well, YOU ARE a part of it. You just didn't know.  (2014)

Your eyes provide a window to your soul.  Allow others to take more than a glimpse.  Eyes speak louder than language.  (2015)

So many masks people choose to show others and in situations.  Very draining. If you do choose a mask, make sure it's you; honest and true. (2015)

When inspired, it's important to acknowledge how and where you will use it.  The last few months have been a whirlwind of sorts of inspiration.  As always, I can't wait to see where it will take me.  (2014)

Life never stops and life sure doesn't wait for you.  Keep moving forward and up.  It's not done until it's done!  (2015)

Why do I always think the learning I experience and the knowledge I have is never enough?!  (2015)


You can't please everyone.  But you have got to like what you see in the mirror.  (2011)

Like a Sunflower, I will always find the light!  (2012)

I love seeing people reading and studying on go.  Many interesting books.  It gives you a window to a persons interests.  (2013)

You know what, I come from a family of strong, loving and solid individuals.  I'm so damn proud!  (2013)

A loving family is all you need.  Friends? But are they always there for you?  Friends come and go. Family is always there.  (2013)

This is just a 'dress rehearsal'. The true 'show' comes later!  (2013)

I hate it when I don't listen to myself!  (2014)
Let feelings be felt, voices be heard, souls be shown. Just let everything be known yeh. You shouldn't live your life constantly guessing.  (2014)

No matter how short or long, for good and challenging, try not to forget the people that come into your life. It has meaning and reason.  (2014)

I can't engage with TV, that's why I am always out, because it's REAL.  (2014)

It's flop Friday apparently!  As long as I remain aware of my strengths and weaknesses I will always improve.  (2015)

The power of the outside looking in!  Life is not some architectural design that is structured to the centre.  Life is a mean in which to ENJOY every moment with compassion and fulfilment.  Angels walk, and they can guide us.  (2015)

Today marks 5 years in my job that I LOVE and I'm deeply PASSIONATE about. It took a while to decide where I was taking my career. But when I got this job, I felt at home. Just where I belong in learning and teaching. I'm so grateful to have found a place in a career that I can make positive changes. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who's made this possible, no matter how small or big your involvement is.  (2015)

Person: why don't you get annoyed as much as I do?  Me: I imagine I'm looking into a mirror and seeing the similar things I do.  (2017)

The littlest of comments can bring you down.  But you can always turn them into a big positive!  (2011)

We all get busy with our plans and commitments.  We may not see our close and loved ones. But as long as you care and keep in touch, thats the main thing.  (2011)

Just be true to who you are, not a wannabe...  (2012)

Too many opinionated people!  Just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean your right.  Nor am I.  Accept everyone is different.  People need to be more open!  (2013)

Thinking about the connected dots is one of the most positive things you can ever do.  (2014)

Proud is something that you can do, that you didn't think you were capable of.  (2014)

It's time I voiced this.  My approach to education is linking learning to a spiritual self; projecting positive proactive Lifelong Learning.  (2014)

My greatest mistakes became my greatest successes. I listened, accepted and developed. I MADE.  (2014)

I won't stop until I've got it right. I'll do what it takes. I know what I CAN do. Now, I've got to try smarter.  (2014)

Just had a powerful reflection; why am I afraid of my success?  One does ponder a lot about this. (2015)

What's gone yesterday is tomorrow's future.  The loving memories created are eternal to our soul. Love and loyalty make longevity a truth.  (2015)

Sometimes an error can help you see the bigger picture and throw a light onto a new direction.  (2015)

Sometimes giving can leave you feeling taken, but as long as I know I have gave 100% of my unconditional love and presence, I'm fulfilled.  (2015)

Each day should be a cup filling day.  What isn't my cup filled up with? I discover... I'm excited of my future!  (2015)

Inspired by Eat Pray Love, one will be doing a lot of marvelling in cooking/eating, gratitude/meditating and making love to new adventures!  (2015)

I don't always get things right.  But what I do know I get right is trying to make them right.  (2015)

Wait for nothing!  If you find yourself waiting for communication, an event etc, you're wasting your time.  Be a MAKER of OPPORTUNITIES!  (2015)

Stepping stones.  If you appear to be one or all of them, it doesn't matter, you give and love from the heart.  (2015)


Heroes.  We all have one.  Don't stop believing in them.  They are angels in disguise.  (2011)

Thank you for reminding me.  It is easy to daydream and wander off the path.  (2013)

You know what.  I love life.  It has it's challenges and heartbreaks.  But the bigger picture is so much more than you ever think.  Every interaction is a chain reaction of sorts of love.  It's hard to see sometimes.  But it's there.  Connect the dots.  (2013)

Through dedication and determination comes endless love and passion.  I'm ready to share what I know.  Teach! (2013)

Keep your happy memories alive.  Because they're the ones you will talk about and look back on forever.  (2013)

One of the most magical learning experiences you can have, is learning about a person unique to you.  (2014)

Through disappointment, fear can grow. Be true to your feelings, intentions and most of all, yourself.  (2014)

Sometimes we want it all.  But you just have to enjoy the moments and build a true loving foundation of warm experiences.  (2014)

Viewing someone as they won't achieve creates an underdog.  This gives underdogs the edge to grow respectfully and gracefully.  (2014)

It's great to take the time to see that every door is wide open.  (2014)

The four walls are not there to protect and hide you, but to provide a fun and loving environment for everyone.  (2014)

Just had a little peek in my memory box.  My entire life is in there!  It's reminded me of what and who I am.  (2014)

What I haven't got or need, they have got it.  Love.  (2014)

The joy of personal development; allowing others to see the opposite of what they perceive.  (2014)

What's the point of being you if you're not willing to be open and share it.  (2015)

Sometimes I don't know how I got to this day, but I'm here. I'm really here. I'm living a life of love. (2015)


If its perfect, then its not real!  (2011)

Everything they told me I couldn't achieve...  I DID and MORE!  (2012)

Trying to nail it is one of the hardest things ever.  But it gives me more drive to do it!  Go hard or go home.  (2013)

Positive attitude and music is my sword and shield.  (2013)

Some people get education served on a plate.  Some people work hard for it from the bare nothing.  Education is not to be taken for granted.  (2013)

As I look back on my life, it is like a hall of fame of eras, showing every stage.  The best eras are yet to be put up in the empty space.  (2013)

If you're trying too hard, then it is not natural to you.  Find ways for creativity and inner belief to flow to you.  Trust in your processes.  (2013)

Your self worth is everything.  Try not compromise who you are.  I don't, my spiritual logic doesn't allow it.  It is my art of independence.  (2013)

It is about time we saw and heard real success stories.  From nothing to something.  (2013)

'Underdogs', it is time to step up.  You don't have to have anything.  Position yourself and be sure of your intention.  The rest will follow.  (2013)

Your pride is not a wall.  You can't fully do life on your own. It is impossible.  Allow friends, family and peers to support when needed.  (2013)

Without passion, it will be a slow process.  What are your aims?  What do you want to do?  I can't tell you.  It is your life responsibility.  (2013)

It no longer matters how you used to be.  It's how you are now that matters.  It's important to use and share the positive wisdom that you have experienced and made to shine upon others.  (2014)

I really LOVE my job!  I never take it for granted how lucky I am to be developing learning.  It's such an incredible and magical process!  (2014)

Talk is cheap.  Acts and demonstrations of love and kindness show true value.  (2014)

Don't wish tomorrow yesterday and today to be over.  Enjoy the seconds, minutes and hours.  You won't get them back.  Enjoy the journey.  (2014)

If you start off with everything, you have nowhere to progress to.  (2014)
Anchors.  We all need an anchor of some sort to keep us here.  Something to live and fight for, no matter if it's a person, object or goal.  (2015)

Fear can do ridiculous things to your mind.  You can forget your intent.  So let's park and abandon unwanted thoughts right there.  (2015)

NEVER undermine my spirit.  No material or power in this world can buy my love and loyalty.  It's created naturally from mutual giving, understanding and respect.  (2015)

I like to create and follow positive energy and love to bounce off it.  But yet it's a quality that is negatively judged.  By no means am I confident, only when I'm sure of myself, which is not often.  Undermining my ability to feel and find happiness really disappoints me.  I choose to try and live a happy life that I want to have without the expense of others and include everyone that comes into my life.  That's my philosophy, always has and always will be.  (2015)

The art of expressing YES!  Expressing YES to what you want and need around you.  Brilliant feeling! :-D  (2015)

Am celebrating tonight. My God I am dim, but don't EVER call me stupid! For the first time I accept I am intelligent and it's COOL to be. 😎 (2015)

NEVER forget the love, help and loyalty that was given to you to get you where you are today.  You never know when you'll need it again.  (2015)

I'm living, loving and most of all learning.  I'm graciously taking on new challenges.  You just have to approach them with good intentions.  (2015)


Through negativity comes positivity and happiness!  (2012)

We all grow in different ways.  Some more different than others.   Some more longer than others.   I am thankful of the love, care and light that I have around me.  It grounds me and helps me grow as I should.  (2012)

When you feel you have reached the mountain peak.  You feel there is nothing more to do.  There is always more.  Embrace it.  (2013)

The message I carry gets stronger.  The magical journey of discovering and exploring who you are.  Independent betterment.  (2013)

We all have a journey and purpose to fulfill.  No matter how big or little.  We may not know what it is, but it will come clear eventually.  (2013)

You don't need gimmicks and props.  All you need is your spirit and personality.  (2013)

I am a Lifelong Learner.  I use inspiration and convey it to something that is meaningful to me.  I share.  My learning can be your learning.  (2013)

It is such a nice feeling being happy with yourself, your space and fulfilling your needs.  (2013)

I'm in such a good place.  My needs and how I want things to be are for my taking!  Limitless.  Plus, got two new dreams to add to my list!  (2013)

The best loving relationships are the ones that allow each other to be individual, but remain committed and supportive.  (2013)

Every star has a bright beginning and ending.  Destiny fulfilling.  (2013)

I keep my mind and body young by feeding my soul what it needs!  (2013)

Too much judgement.  Just because I accept myself for who I am, what I want out of life and what I want to achieve for and within myself.  You can't judge what you don't want to understand.  (2013)

Reflection and meaningful communication WILL solve EVERYTHING.  (2014)

I put my heart and soul into my work.  But I don't reward myself as much as I should.  I need to give more back to myself.  Treats are go! 🙂 (2014)

You should know that to fully understand something, you need to experience it.  Experience people to understand them.   (2014)

People seem in a rush and feeling stressed.  STOP IT! Sometimes, just do NOTHING.  Relax your mind and body.  Because YOU and others NEED them.  (2014)

Well, me.  I share my journey of discovery.  Along the way, I take the good experiences from the bad experiences.  (2014)

Just because I don't draw, paint or play an instrument doesn't mean I'm not an artist.  Work is in progress.  (2014)

Some things just have to wait.  Dreams have to live and die before new ones can be born.  One thing at a time!  Feeling less pressured already.  (2015)

I can be there like a lightning strike, but I'm not as quick for myself.  How can you be there for others if you don't put ME in first.  (2015)

It's hard to be authentic these days.  But the best kind of original is BEING YOU.  That's how you do something that's not been done before.  (2015)

Ya know that feeling you get when you think, this is why I do what I do.  Well it's happening now!  Welling up here.  (2015)


What ever happened to romance, the butterflies and the spontaneity?  People want it all without working at it.  Quick fixes aren't the answer.   (2013)

Nothing is ever 100% perfect.  We can strive and dream for perfection, but sometimes quality can be lost.  It is about quality not quantity.  (2013)

If you are not challenged, you are not learning.  (2013)

A loving relationship is not defined on its length, but the foundations that you lay down together.  Building a unique love of happiness.  (2013)

I just can't learn enough.  What a lovely feeling.  (2013)

I don't need to hold onto my history.  What once was, will no longer be.  But I know where I began.  I work smarter and harder to have impact.  (2013)

When we feel lonely, we hope that someone will come along and save us.  The truth is, it is you that needs to save yourself.  Believe in you.  (2013)

I grow so much from meaningful conversations.  (2013)

Why do I do so much for rude and ignorant people?  Because it is me.  My personality doesn't change like the weather.  (2013)

Sometimes we say to ourselves; nobody understands me, no one gets me.  Having and sharing an open heart and mind brings you closer to them.  (2013)

Don't make presumptions on who I am, that you don't know.  There is no special key to me.  Spend a bit of time.  Communication is everything.  (2013)

In the heart of my soul is a forever burning candle of love and light.  I won't get trapped in a downward spiral of negativity.  (2013)

Well Danny, you're nearly 27.  You've learned so much about yourself, people and your life.  You put it down lad!  Focus.  Catch your dreams.  (2013)

Some people live in hate and regret.  It must be very tiring.  Embrace and accept that everyone is different, as it is a key to happiness.  (2013)
Fight for what you BELIEVE in.  Because the moment you give up.  You lose a part of you.  Because it is YOU.  (2014)

It's all about what you GIVE in a relationship, not what you get.  (2014)

Always be independent in supporting yourself.  (2014)

You can't change as a person.  However, you can evolve.  I chose to evolve.  There's no such thing as perfect.  But I'm beautifully imperfect.  (2014)

Don't be too hard on yourself.  Life can't always be a certain way.  Living life is better and easier when you're not trying to control it.  (2015)

Sometimes you don't need knowledge or skills, but the will and abundance of enthusiasm to pursue and obtain them.  (2015)

Negativity is like a set of falling dominoes.  How do you stop them falling?  You break the link.  You take out the ones that create the cause.  (2015)

Just had this conversation.  Person: are you quite an inspirational person to be around then?  Me: not sure about inspirational, but people do say it.  I do like to make sure people make the best of themselves.  So I encourage it.  (2015)

Enthusiasm is not a quantity, it is a quality.  A rare and powerful gift that should be respected graciously.  You cannot buy or sell it.  (2015)


People who are ignorant to say that Pride events shouldn't happen, if you take the time to read into the history, you should get a clear picture of why.  Some countries still need to be educated.  The UK is far from understanding.  There is still alot of work to be done.  I am proud of who I am, I am proud that I am a gay man, I am proud that I have an incredible family that accept me for who I am.  I know WHO I am.  (2011)

If we were all the same, life would be very boring.  (2011)

We rush so much in our lives.  How often do we stop to take in the love and light around us?  Life in the fast lane is rubbish if you can't savor the elements!  (2011)
Education is endless.  There will always be a constant flow of innovative ideas as new people come into the world.  Embrace the enthusiasm!  (2013)

No matter how people try to attack you emotionally and physically, reality is that your soul is eternal.  Unaffected.  (2013)

Do not sell yourself as a product, but sell the skills and knowledge you possess for learning and working to others.  (2013)

In relationships, there should be no winning and losing.  It is being equal.  (2013)

Raw passion is what I am.  I've made me with inspiration, nothing else.  (2013)

I give out so much, to not deserve what I should receive.  But it doesn't matter.  I am being true to me.  I'm rewarded with my special life.  (2013)

You know when you have grown as a person, when you embrace acceptance and continuity.  (2013)

It's a shame I have to say this in the light of the current publicity.  I know many people who are diagnosed with mentally related illnesses.  I respect them that they have these illnesses.  But I respect them even more for that they are open about them.  We should not be afraid of this.  We could be afraid of how powerful understanding others can be to heal them of adversity.  I'm so proud of you all.  Spread the word!  (2014)

Be an individual to yourself, not an slave to other's demands.  (2014)

We check our social websites first thing as we wake up and last thing before we sleep.  Natural conversation should come FIRST and LAST.  (2014)
Communication is everything.  Speaking your thoughts no matter how small, big, serious or crazy.  Just make them known, it makes a difference.  (2015)

Left or right?  Parallel, triangle or other?  With or without?   I am better together than I am alone.  (2015)

I've had way more than 9 lives.  I'm such a lucky man!  But this time it's different, I feel born again and it feels good.  Speak your heart.  (2015)


Overcome.  Such a powerful word.  Strength, defeat, conquer, the feeling of empowerment.  Stronger.  (2010)

Wake up.  Life might be passing you by, keep fit, keep looking gorgeous, make a life changing decision and stay in the game.  (2010)

I believe in the purpose and bigger picture of life.  But no matter what you believe in, as long as it does you good and others around you.  (2013)

Negativity = positivity.  This makes me work harder and smarter.  My foundations are solid and grounded.  I'm not influenced by doom and gloom.  (2013)

Every day is an opportunity.  Take it!  (2013)

Expressing positivity and putting magic into everything that comes into my life.  I'm limitless.  (2013)

Being solo is being your own hero.  (2013)

One of the hardest things to learn is yourself.  I'm thankful everyday for my friend that supports and believes in me.  You help me be me.  (2013)

Too much judgement.  I took a creative risk I know I am capable of doing, and that I know I am great with and can change the world.  I don't possess it all.  Who does?  Everybody begins somewhere.  I give everything my being has with limitless support.  How many possess this?  (2013)
What a difference a year makes!  Time is a funny but wonderful thing.  Still making, as I said I am.  Who knows where I'll end up.  Exciting!  (2014)

When you have longed for something for so long.  We expect to receive it instantly.  We may deserve it.  But the truth is that it will come when your ego lets that fact go.  (2014)

Never take romance for granted.  Keep making the magic through surprising each other and sharing and expressing what is real.  (2014)

Life should not be lived in the usual straight line.  Be flexible as life is as flexible as you want it to be.  (2014)

Blessings are everywhere!  Take the time to see and appreciate them.  They're not luck or chance, they're meant.  (2014)


Sometimes, you just have to take a stand.  Do things for yourself.  Make the right choices.  Embrace your qualities.  Individuality rules.  Only then will the true you come out.   Welcome to who you are...   I am not afraid.  (2010)
Some people give up too easily.  Find the fighter in you, no matter how hard things can get.  (2011)

A little support and compassion when needed, can make big differences.  As always, I believe in myself and my independence to make it work.  (2013)

Sometimes we want love to come in a way we want to expect it.  A truth is that, it will come to you in a way you didn't expect it.  (2013)

Born to be more since 1986.  No matter the negative attitudes and changes, I will always shine a light through them.  My destiny is a dream.  (2013)
Bullies.  They are just jealous people that focus on other people's lives rather than their own.  Bullies.  Do look and reflect on your own lives.  Just because you are insecure in your own life, you have to try and sabotage others'.  Bullies.  I DARE you to take responsibility for your own behaviour and actions as the negativity you put out there WILL affect you more than anyone else.  P.S. I'm not being bullied but I have been twice previously in two different jobs and I DO NOT tolerate to see it happening to anyone.  (2014)

Can't be loved or won't be loved?  Believe that you can love and will be loved.  Accept the love that comes in a ray of different ways.  (2014)

Getting the best from me is giving you the best of me!  (2014)

I've worked and pushed myself more than I ever have this year.  As a result I nearly lost myself in the obsession of making successes.  I forgot to take care of me and focus on my internal needs.  I never stray too far though, because I get reminded of being grounded to who I am.  Yesterday is gone, today is now, tomorrow is a beautiful mystery.  Embrace the opportunities, chances and risks that are laid in front of you.  Time for me.  What will be will be.  Me and you get the best of me.  (2014)

The people that stay in your life are the ones that return the effort in yours.  As I always say for leisure and careers, it depends how much you want something that determines the effort you put in.  (2015)


We all have a dream or more.  Sometimes, we may not achieve.  But, it's how you keep them alive.  (2010)

We all have fantastic qualities.  Use them as tools.  Use them at every available opportunity.  Watch the doors open...  (2010)

Each time I figured out what it wasn't, I was one step closer to finding out what it was.  (2010)
Love doesn't choose a boy or girl.  Love is love.  No matter what gender they may be.  When two souls meet...  (2011)

The roller coaster of life goes up and down, round and round, but you're always smiling!  (2013)

Money is what drives some people.  Make the best of what you've got, instead of what you've not got.  I don't live beyond my needs.  (2013)

The truth really is in front of us.  If you take the time to seek it, it's like the pieces of a puzzle!  Everything you needed and asked for.  (2013)

Made a mistake?  Accept it, learn from it, grow from it, live on from it.  Get better at dealing with mistakes!  (2013)

It really is important to think about what and how you say to people.  Communication is everything and extremely underrated.  (2013)

Go with the flow?  No.  I flow with the go.  (2013)

2013 has been a year of truth for me.  I've learned, not learned and learned again.  2014 marks a 10 year milestone of where things began.  To my family, friends, new friends and a special person.  Let's live 2014 as never before!  I and we shall shine brighter.  (2013)

My today's mistakes are my tomorrow's learning.  My tomorrow's learning is my future's pathway.  (2013)
I'm a very happy man.  I've a lot to be happy and thankful for that keeps growing every second.  A life tip I've learned recently; nothing can ever be completed, everything is ongoing and moving.  (2014)

I'm now in my life where I feel I finally understand what to make an effort with and not.  People, faces and places change but my heart sure doesn't change.  I know what matters and who and where to focus my attention.  Every door is open and I'm moving!  (2015)

Jealousy is such a wasted energy.  Yet it is a human emotion we are allowed to feel.  However, before you feel jealous, ask yourself how much effort you have done towards the things you want.  👏  (2016)

A good solo stroll this morning...
  • Silencing the ego
  • We all have strong energies and gifts - apply them in the right situation
  • Don't wait, just be the first to
It's good to walk. 🙂  (2018)

Much of my passion and success derives from the ancient community feel about me.  Helping, giving, sharing and collaborating with one another, just because it feels good and right to.  Not being transactional, i.e. only engaging with others to gain something in return. #wisdom  (2019)


Do things for yourself.  No one will be around forever to help you.  Don't be scared of your limitations, be scared of your potential.  (2010)

Sometimes, things don't always go to plan.  Don't be angry or upset.  But be happy that it has been done differently and for a reason.  (2010)

It saddens me that no one seems to connect to each other anymore.  Everyone rushing around and not having the time for one another.  Make the time to ask about others.  Spend more time, as there is always time.  (2012)

Sometimes it's good to fall apart, so that you can build yourself back together, without the unnecessary parts.  (2013)

A year is just numbers.  You don't have to wait until the year is over to start or end things.  Want to make a change?  Just make it.  (2013)

As I look back on the last 12 months, it has been an incredible year of truths of sorts, through great experiences.

Again, I have grown even more as a person.  That's because of exploring myself further and fulfilling what I want out of my life.  But also being around the people I love to be around, family, friends and new friends.  I've surprised myself with some things I have done and achieved in 2013.  But I always push my boundaries and take things further.  2014 is a year of further MAKING.

I have been out of love for 2 years.  I am no longer seeking love.  Love will find me when my world is ready.  I am busy MAKING.  I can’t wait to experience new things with you all.

Happy New Year to you all.  Love from your Lil’ Danny.  LET’S GO! 
🙂  (2013)

If we lose our will we risk everything we have and want.  But how can we keep our will?  By expressing and making our intent clear to the Universe with no judgement, we can keep our will for eternity.  Sometimes I get close to losing my will, but I remind and ground myself with this principle.  (2014)

Many people say they haven't got enough presents for others.  It's not about how many you give, but the value of their meaning.  (2014)

Do you listen?  How much do you listen?  If you can just put your personal thoughts and agendas to one side for a moment, you WILL LISTEN.  (2014)

If you let go of the ideas and concepts of what should and not be, you will hear your soul guide you to the unique resources built within.  (2014)

What a year!  It deserves nothing but gratitude for the love and experiences that I have been a part of.  One major thing I have learnt this year is practising to LIVE in the moment.  Not living through what's gone or what's to come.  Live in and deal with the NOW.  I'm a bit nervous about the next few months, but as always I have the courage and strength to shine through.  I have the best people behind me.  My believers; friends, family and colleagues.  Deep love and thanks to you.  You're gifts in the form of people.

Also, what I would like to see more of in the New Year is mutual effort.  Not assigning roles and creating expectations.  But to have peace and unity across everyone.

Much love and respect to each and everyone of you. Celebrate yourself and your future tonight whether alone or with friends.  (2014)

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Christmas.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2017, may it bring you lots of peace, happiness and love!  On a more serious note, don't ever stop challenging and fighting for what is right and what you believe in.  You are an army of you, don't you ever forget that...  "You have all the weapons you need.  Now fight!"  From Sucker Punch.  (2016)

For the first time in my life, I feel I am on some sort of plateau.  I know life has twists and turns at every moment, but me and life is very settled now.  Where I was once unsettled, embracing the challenge of discovering oneself and being somewhat a loner chasing people and waiting on them.  There's now a turn of the tide, something I find hard getting used to.  (2018)

What a dark sickening day. I just can't comprehend the amount of Conservative voting. Especially Northern folk with the supposed deep-rooted repulsion of Thatcher.  Then voting for more far right trash. 🤔  I'm more taken back by the amount of LGBT people voting for them.  They created Section 28 to erase LGBT existence! 🙄  You can't want Brexit and vote for far right policies, they just don't blend.  Reap what you sow, I hope the consequences are hard and tough enough for people to realise.

I still have hope for peace and unity, but it's proving very hard.  I'll continue to do good on this planet until it suffocates the bad.

P.S. Top tip - research, stop being lazy and believing fake stories, memes, gifs etc.  (2019)

I think a lot of people think I've either changed or become more outspoken.  Not really, I've always been like this but I don't always express myself as loudly and often as others.  When I do make my voice heard, people are taken aback as they don't expect it from me.  Either that or people don't know me as well as they thought.  (2019)