Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Evaluating Technology Enhanced Learning

I've been in my new job role for 5 months now and as I work with a range of universities on developing their undergraduate and postgraduate distance learning courses.  I wanted to introduce an effective Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) evaluation process and to increase the quality of the learning activities, experience and overall online learning environment itself.  By proactively seeking to improve the way our online learning is presented and delivered, I understood more about the programmes and the students enrolling to them.

I took it upon myself to investigate appropriate ways of evaluating Technology Enhanced Learning using a really useful guide by the E-Learning Development Team at the University of York.  This came after the success of my efforts of researching and reporting on learning design, which is being implemented into my new organisation as a result.

This little report was a very complex task and I didn't want to over complicate it (which it did at one point), so I brought in the LearningWheel to help me simplify what I was trying to do and generate further ideas.  The following is a video of the visual report I produced and sent to my colleagues at the University of St Andrews to introduce the process and to start a discussion around it.