Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Designing digitally-enhanced curricula

In January 2017 I was invited to guest speak (invitation only) at the next 'student experience experts group meeting on the 29 March 2017' which is organised by Jisc.  It was such a nice a privilege to be invited and be a part of.  In the past I have presented bits and pieces at many Jisc's regional Summer conferences and meetings.  So I am now returning to summarise some of the main things I have done during my previous role as a learning technologist, around the theme I was given; 'Designing digitally-enhanced curricula'.

The session led to me receiving these really positive comments:

Viv Rolfe; "How inspiring is Daniel Scott - such a huge amount of work to lead digital change in his institution. Viv Rolfe."

Thank you again Jisc for the invitation and the time to present some of my practices and experiences.  It was also good to see familiar faces I have met over the years.  Below is the description of the session I did and a video of my presentation that I delivered with.

"Daniel Scott was awarded Learning Technologist of the Year 2016, by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and in this session he will share his practices as a learning technologist.

Daniel will describe the methods and approaches of how he encouraged, trained and supported teaching staff to use digital technology in their practices.

He will also share how he coordinated and trained digital learning design apprentices to create attractive and interactive e-learning materials for Moodle.

Daniel will draw on the key points from his masters research (2016); 'Putting learning into learning technology: developing a pedagogical rationale to deliver eLearning', that studied how tutors use digital technology in a FE college, whilst exploring the purpose of digital literacy, being a digital practitioner and considering a digital pedagogy to support the college’s e-learning strategy."

Here is the recording of me delivering the presentation: