Friday, 3 June 2016

Blast from the learning technology video past

Before my job role changed in having our Digital Learning Design apprentices, as a Learning Technologist I produced many training videos using Planet eStream.  Planet eStream is a recording and streaming service that we use in College to record TV and radio programmes, lectures, skills sessions and professional discussions etc.  I disseminated these videos throughout the College to increase knowledge and develop skills of academic staff.

When making the videos, I undertook a combination of research, planning, design and recording.  I would make a list of topics that I would like to get over to academic staff in a very short and informative way.  The list would contain new ideas, good practice, new/current digital technologies and reinforcing Technology Enhanced Learning concepts.  I would then research further into the topics to broaden what I was actually going to talk about and show in the video.  I brought together all information and multimedia and placed into a PowerPoint, unless it was a demonstration of a digital technology.  After this, I would rehearse my PowerPoint as if I was actually doing a training session with people.  Except that nobody was in the room and I was talking to a camera!  I used the lecture capture feature which captured me in front of the Interactive Whiteboard as well as what was happening on screen.  Then I just pressed record and delivered!

After I recorded the videos I would promote them on our intranet site, email and in meetings.  After normal face-to-face training sessions I would also send links out to some of the videos as a way to follow up ideas etc.  I became somewhat my own star in doing these videos and I believe it helped to build confidence when delivering face-to-face sessions as it was like some sort of 'play acting'.

Looking back some of the videos they are very cringe worthy, but were good at the time!  Perhaps they still are today.  From 2012 to 2014 below are videos I produced with a brief synopsis of what they were about.

Importing PowerPoints and PDFs into ActivInspire
How to import PowerPoint resources into ActivInspire and develop ideas in making collaborative learning activities.

Microsoft OneNote in SkyDrive
Introducing Microsoft OneNote in SkyDrive for collaborative activities.

ePortfolios and Wikis Using Google Sites
Introducing Google Sites to use as ePortfolios and Wikis.

Online Forums
Introducing the Moodle Forum feature.

The Flipped Classroom
An introduction to what the Flipped Classroom approach is and how it can be used within your courses and lessons.

eLearning Today
An overview of what eLearning is of today and the impact it can have on learning and teaching.

An overview of what ePortfolios are and how they can be used in assessment for and of learning.

An introduction to what eAssessment is and how it contributes to assessment and feedback processes.

Online Discussions
Introducing an active example of online discussions taking place.

Introducing Blendspace to present and deliver online content effectively.

Introducing Yammer for an online collaborative learning environment for both learners and staff.

Oodles With Moodle!
Introducing a resource that can help you make the best of your Moodle course pages.

Introducing screencasts to assist and enhance learning, teaching and assessment activities.

Video Enhanced The Teacher Star
An ambitious way of using YouTube and an introduction to the YouTube Video Editor.

Words Of Value
Introducing some word cloud tools for effective learning and assessment activities.

What's Tech Got To Do With It?
Attempting to bridge the understanding of using digital technology in learning and teaching.

Working on an Interactive Whiteboard
How you could potentially use an Interactive Whiteboard with your learners.

Using ActivInspire To Link Previous Lessons
How to capture learning development and making links to previous and future learning.