Monday, 9 May 2016

Smarter Learning Delivery with Digital Technology

I agree that the term 'work smarter' is becoming somewhat overused and lacks meaning to people.  In my opinion work smarter means using your time, knowledge and skills more effectively on tasks than you have done previously that have a positive impact on the outcome.

I'll allow you to creatively interpret the illustration below that I created in 2014 to decide how you can approach your curriculum(s), course(s) and lesson(s) for a better blend of delivery by utilising digital technology more effectively.

Content and design
This is aimed more at the structure and administration and is usually done by the tutor with little digital technology input.  Perhaps learners could be creatively involved in the process.

Review of previous topic/subject
Digital technology can be used in a less timely way to ascertain what learners have understood previously.  This can be done before the next lesson or just at the start of it to make it visible to learners.

Introduction of topic/subject
Use digital technology to connect to previous knowledge and build upon it by introducing stimulating content to spark interest and curiosity.

Delivery of topic/subject
Great balance of digital technology and face-to-face teaching methods.  Most of the knowledge could be delivered outside the classroom giving learners more time in the classroom to practice what they have learned.

Analysis of topic/subject
During learning learners are required to make connections from previous to new knowledge.  As before knowledge can be delivered through digital technology allowing learners more time to absorb it and relate to personal and professional aspects.

Evaluation of topic/subject
Acquiring information from learners to inform future tutor practice is crucial.  Digital technology can again make this a less timely task and easier to capture and handle the information.

Extended topic/subject
Stretch and challenge can be enabled through the tutor's or learner's choice of digital technology to enable learner's to self-regulate additional or extra-curricular activities as required.