Monday, 23 November 2015

Changing landscapes

My landscape has been changing again.  However, I've felt a tad astray but this time I seem to have remained firm during the movement.  After being infectiously inspired by the events of Adele's song Hello, it propelled me to be reflective on this situation.

We all evolve in many ways through time and circumstances, but it's important that your heart is always firm in place during the transformation.  Your circumstances and partners change for example, but the heart inside doesn't (or shouldn't), but we are quickly judged on the outside for the changes we accept or make.  Why do parents accept change in their children, but with friends it's not as accepting?  This then questions you to think who is not open to change - me, them or us?  To me it's growth. Positive growth that everyone should feel blessed to be a part to witness as it's one of the most extraordinary views you could ever see.  We are all destined to achieve a higher self and as long as you stay grounded during the process, what is wrong?  They say "you've changed" and "I want the older you back".  These are the words of people that are not accepting others for who they are.  Or worse, not accepting you in becoming you.  If you have to tolerate someone, then you don't fully accept them for who and what they are.  You can't make judgements on what you don't want to understand.  If you attach yourself and are influenced by other's emotions, opinions and actions then you're not being true to yourself, you become a clone of those people, which is them, not you. Listen to what feelings you have within you, not what others are projecting onto you and making you think.  Don't follow the crowd, but seek the truth that resides outside.

Landscapes will change, but this is to allow new and even better people and circumstances to come into your life. So welcome it and look forward to the change!  Whoever remains stood whilst your landscapes revolve and distort will truly be there for you as they have demonstrated the test of change, time and distance in your life but recognisably accepting you for you.  You may even receive kindness from people that emerge from the depths of the scenery you never thought would.

All of this seems too similar to my last post, but recently I have recognised that;

I'm now in my life where I feel I finally understand what to make an effort with and not.  People, faces and places change but my heart sure doesn't change.  I know what matters and who and where to focus my attention. Every door is open and I'm moving!

Ultimately, whilst watching Adele on the BBC on Friday 20th, I heard her say this that captures my thoughts and feelings;

"I haven't changed, my life has changed".  From Adele.