Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Evaluating Moodle course pages through learners

Below are a series of questions that were created using Moodle Feedback that was distributed across all course pages on the site.  The questionnaire asks learners about their experience of their Moodle course pages to make an informed judgements on how to improve them.  The results are then populated and discussed in quality reviews with departments.  The departments then develop actions from the results to make the suggested changes - so student needs should be met as well as developing the VLE.

1.  What do you think of the content of YOUR Moodle course page?

  • Poor
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent

2.  Any suggestions for improving the content of YOUR Moodle course page?

3.  What do YOU think of the variety and content on this Moodle page? (Video, audio, images, quizzes etc.)

  • No variety
  • Some variety
  • Wide range of variety

4.  Any comments on the variety and content of this Moodle course page?

5.  Is the content of this Moodle course page developing YOUR knowledge and understanding?

  • Not developing
  • Reinforces what I know
  • Developing more understanding

6.  You are satisfied with the materials and development of your Moodle course?

  • Disagree
  • Neither agree or disagree
  • Agree
  • Agree strongly

7.  Do you use this Moodle course outside College?

  • Yes - I do use the materials
  • No - I don’t study outside the college
  • I have some issues, please give the issues below